The Beauty of Silence

My morning. Sipping coffee. Nibbling a homemade pastry. Writing in my journal. Internally reflecting and praying. 

Then I pause for a moment. Take in the silence. Something I rarely get with 3 kids. 

The world is full “noise”. Music, politics, pinterest, facebook, instagram, tv, kids, clients, the list goes on. Something or someone pulling for my attention. 

“Noise” isn’t neccesarily a bad thing, but can serve as distractions in moments or seasons when we need inner silence; inner peace. 

When all is quieted I can hear my breath and my thoughts. I can clearly hear God in my inner being. I am in tune to what my body is saying and what I need or want. 

As an introvert, I literally NEED silence to thrive! 

However, many of us, introvert or not, don’t like silence because our thoughts and memories take us to places we are afraid to go, so we stay busy; We turn up the noise. 

Well, I challenge us all today to push the mute button on our surroundings. To take a moment to embrace the silence. In it lies an answer you may be searching for.  

This is SELF CARE. This is SELF LOVE.

Silence is beautiful of we learn to embrace it.


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