Facing My Giants


As fall approaches so does a fresh new homeschool year.  We school year round, but our summers are full of fun, camps and academically we focus on reading and basic math review. Every September we start full steam ahead and begin with renewed goals and plans for the year.

The last several months, I internally wrestled with thoughts of placing my oldest children in public school. As I mentally peered into our 4th year of homeschooling, I became increasingly overwhelmed and burdened. I began to doubt my ability to be patient, loving and calm. I doubted my ability to balance daily life and teaching amidst my growing responsibilities in our family life coaching business. I was tired of not getting enough self care time.

On one hand, I was ready to abort homeschooling and on another something inside didn’t feel at peace.  I wrote a pros and cons list, prayed, talked it out with friends and my husband, read countless blogs, but nothing confirmed me letting go of the homeschooling journey.

I don’t remember the exact moment, but one day I woke up knowing that our homeschooling journey was not complete. I woke up excited and renewed in my calling. I woke up with the theme for this new year. “FACING OUR GIANTS”. You see all of my doubts and fears I listed above were my “giants”. I couldn’t just walk away from homeschooling because of my fears. I needed to plan, prepare and face them head on. I could plan in daily time for myself. I didn’t have to be the only one that teaches my children. I began to look into classes and programs that could supplement my classes and ease the load. I scheduled specific times for business work and planning. I specifically dedicated time for teaching each of my children one on one, since collective teaching of Math and Language Arts was so stressful for me.

As I started to face these fears and implement strategies and solutions they didn’t seems so major. I am now excited and elated to stand with my children. I am ready to learn along side each of them. I know everything won’t be easy, but I know I am in the right place, doing the right thing.

Next week, our family will write out the “giants” we want to tackle for the year. With each goal achieved and giant faced we will celebrate as a family.  God reminded me of a major reason we homeschool; to grow, learn and achieve our dreams as a family. Our life  and our world IS our classroom!

I learned a major lesson throughout all of this; We have to fight and work hard for what we are called to do. We are on a journey with no particular destination other than to show up in this world being authentically who we are, inside and out; To grow closer as a family to God and to each other.

What giants do you or your children have to face this year? I encourage you to start the conversation!


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