Broken Glass

This week several glass items have been shattered all over my kitchen floor. First a measuring cup and then a light fixture. Glass on the ground is a nightmare to clean up. It’s as if we never find all of the pieces. And just when you think you have  someone steps on the tiniest shard. 

  As I vacuumed to clear up the glimmering broken pieces, it hit me. I will never be able to put this light fixture back together or get the measuring cup back, but God in his loving power and kindness, intricately has put me back together bit by bit. Piece by piece. 

I am reminded and I want to remind anyone reading that no matter how broken we are and no matter how tiny the pieces, Christ will find them and put us back together. We will be made new! And the cracks that come after you glue broken glass together allows his light to shine through! 

I am thankful for my brokenness because it positioned me to be healed and put back  together by my Heavenly Father! 

Are you greatful for your broken pieces? 

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