Intention vs. Reality 

I’ve had all intentions to get back on a start posting again, but the reality is, my motivation to do so has not been there.

My intention was to share the before and after of our homeschool space, but the reality, I just haven’t.

Here is one before pic. I will share more in a separate post.

Lately, I have intentionally been living life in the present and by the end of the day don’t always feel the desire to share publicly. 

My reality also is that I have a husband that works from home and needs my laptop all day (insert side eye 😒) because our other computer is broken. And once I’m free to use the computer the last thing I want to do is blog. I might add that I am posting this from my phone. (Insert another side eye 😒) I can’t stand using my phone because of the cramps you get from typing so long! 

Anyway, here I am back to posting today. I had a brief moment of feeling bad about my “lack of consistency” in my posts. But I quickly remembered that this is MY space and MY journey. I set the tone and standard. My blog has always been about me sharing pieces of my life, journey and family. Not to gain a huge audience. I am not opposed to my “numbers” growing, but what is most important is that I share from an authentic space.

So with that my new intention is I will post when all things align and I create the space and time to. 

My desire is that when I do post it either inspires, motivates, encourages or enlightens your day! 

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