Today is the funeral. The day where we officially say goodbye. I know the day will be filled with tears, joy, sadness, celebration, laughter and most importantly, family.

The past few days in Arizona have been life giving. Even though we are here because of a death, there is something powerful about reconnecting with family, sharing memories, tears and laughs. Nothing separates you from people when we are grieving. My family will leave filled.

But this morning I sit on the balcony of my beautiful hotel in the foothills of Tucson, AZ, thinking. Thinking about legacy. The importance of the legacy we leave. The decisions we make, words we speak and paths we follow don’t just effect us they literally change  generations. 

Nana left an amazing legacy rooted in Christ. She was a soldier. She prayed and fought to see her family succeed in life, but more  importantly in their relationship with God. 

I am honored to have birthed 3 amazing great grandchildren, she was able to love on before she passed. 

Today I celebrate her life, legacy and I aim to fight for the same thing she did; freedom in Christ. 

She is dancing and rejoicing in heaven now! 

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