Heaven gained an Angel

Here I sit in the wee hours of the morning. Unable to sleep, thoughts racing, my body needing rest. 

Tears are flowing and my heart grieves. My nana has gone to be with the Lord. Even though, she is biologically by husbands grandmother, she has been in my life since I was a teen. Before Marriage and most definitely afterwards. So I say my Nana.

I thought my next blog would be a birthday update, but I haven’t been able to blog lately as we began grieving knowing this day would come soon. Yesterday morning my son prayed at the breakfast table that he would get to spend time with his Nana before she died. I dread giving the news to him in a few hours that she is gone. 

Losing such a matriarch just alittle over a year since the death of my brother hits hard. I feel the need to be strong for my husband, just as he was for me after  Mell was killed, but how? My heart aches yet again. 

I know she is dancing with the Lord and made heaven alot brighter because of her presence. Our long talks and laughs will be missed. I thank her for her love and taking me in as her own. 

Ms. Dorothy Jones, I love you. Thank you for the legacy you have left. I am so thankful my children were able to have you in their lives even if just a short time. The love you gave will grow and multiply in their hearts and last forever! 

Until we meet again! 

Her last moments with her daughters. Hand in Hand.

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