What’s love got to do with Juggling?

Today we ventured to our local library to see The Juggling Hoffmans. This was by far the best Juggling show I have ever seen. It brought such joy to everyone’s heart watching. I was so upset when I realized I didn’t have my phone! I love to snap pics at every activity we attend for memories, but also for our annual Gilbert Family yearbook. In addition to great memories, we use this photobook for our end of year portfolio review. Some things just can’t be shown through “paper work”.

Anyway, I was forced to simply enjoy the experience and store the memories exactly where they needed to be stored; No hard drive or usb needed! Luckily though, my friend was in attendance so I could capture my son performing one of the acts with the Hoffmans!


My son enjoyed being center stage! He is a natural performer! Afterwards Mr. Hoffman gave both of my sons a mini private lesson in hat tricks. Today was a homeschool success! And it was all FREE!!

Not only did my children have fun, I also walked away with a lesson on love I wasn’t expecting. As I was sitting watching the show, an 18 month old boy came beside me and kept rubbing the side of my arm. I turned to smile and engage him as I would any child. He then proceeds to reach for me to pick him up. I tried to avoid it and ignore him, but he was very persistent! His mom kept trying to pull him away, but he just wouldn’t budge. So I pulled him on my knee and immediately he grabbed to hug me. Now, I looked at his mom for reassurance as I needed to know she was comfortable with this. She smiled at me and said, “thank you”. Probably for giving her a break from chasing behind him! : )

As he leaned in for a hug, he laid his head right on my heart. I was resistant at first feeling a little uncomfortable, but soon I felt so much love coming from this small toddler. The last few weeks I have been on an emotion roller coaster. Dealing with grief from my brothers death, in addition to some very painful triggers I have experienced recently. I didn’t realize it, but today I need to some love.

I soon found out the toddlers name was Ashton. His mother said he is not always so friendly to women so this wasn’t normal. I believe it was Divine Intervention. God knew I needed to feel the energy from this little boys heart. He eventually went back to his mom, but kept reaching and pulling for me. This interaction only lasted but a moment, and he was finally off to his moms arms. After he left to watch the jugglers, tears rolled down my face. This child left such an imprint on my heart and life.

It is a moment I will never forget because God used an 18 month old stranger to show me that no matter, what God has got me. Even in the most painful of seasons, I need not worry. Love conquers all. Love will give me complete peace. Experiencing and enjoying life will bring me joy! The Juggling Hoffmans brought joy and smiles and a little boy gave love. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to experience life with my family everyday. The reasons for our homeschooling is revealed to me everyday and it has so much more to do with growing me than it does my children.

My prayer today is that anyone reading this will not miss out on the ways perfect love presents itself to you. Open your heart to receive even during the tough seasons in life, homeschooling, marriage, friendship, work or anything.






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