Coffee Date

If we were having coffee right now, I would be crying. Crying tears of grief. Expressing a pain in my heart and would need a shoulder to cry on.

Let me explain.

Today is the funeral for my pastors mom, and also for my neighbors 34 year old son. My nana in-love doesn’t have long to live and I recently saw a video of my biological father whom I have never met, heard or seen alive. When you combine all these into the last few weeks my emotions have been haywire! Pieces of my heart unlocked.

This morning my neighbors family filed into our cul-de-sac, dressed in all black; grief and sadness was in the air. I came into the kitchen after looking out the window and it hit me! My brother is gone! It was as if I was prepping for my brothers funeral all over again. My heart was heavy. I tried to flip my fried eggs through my tears. I could barely see. My bacon burned. The pain over took me. All I could do was run to my husbands arms. After a while I knew I had gotten it all out. The tears stopped flowing and I felt lighter. Life had to continue, but not without that brief healing moment. Even after a year, I have to push to take one day at a time, one moment at a time.

So as I said earlier, if we had a coffee date today, I would be crying.

Maybe you would too.

How do you handle grief? What would you share if we were on a coffee date?


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  1. How could you not cry after having all that going on! If we were having coffee, I’d listen and let you tell me about those who have moved on… I would tell you that in time while the pain will always be there it will be easier to manage and control. I would let you know that after all those I have lost I still miss them but I no longer grieve, I now celebrate them through my memories.

    So pass the creamer and lets sit and talk…

    1. icanllc says:

      Awesome words of encouragement!Words I definitely need to be reminded of! Thanks!

  2. ranu802 says:

    What I would say will depend when I meet my friend for coffee. As regards crying I think it’s normal, if you get so many different types of bad news who wouldn’t cry. I know I would. I think it lightens the load from your heart. when you cry. I’ve heard people say so n so didn’t cry, we are afraid for her. It’s good to cry, when something terrible happens like death.
    I got carried away and wrote too much. All the best to you.

  3. any1mark66 says:

    I think that makes you completely human. There are only so many things you can successfully hide from. And it looks like they found you all at once. I hope you can heal from the loses.

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