5 Reasons Why YOU Should Color


This entire week my children and I have colored. I have printed out Captain America Civil War, Spiderman and Jurassic World coloring pages! I don’t know how much ink I have used, but it has been a truly relaxing homeschool week, filled with artistic expression and pure fun! My kids have colored so much I had to give them each a 3 ring binder and a divider to put all their pages inside! My son, as I type, is laying beside me with his coloring notebook in his hand.

With that, this week there have been less fighting, more corporation and peace! I think it I will implement more coloring with the family on a daily basis.

At this point most people know about the coloring craze, but lots of people still don’t get into it or take the time because they don’t see the benefit. So I am going to give you a simple and small list of  5 Reasons why you should begin coloring TODAY!!

  1. It reduces stress significantly!
  2. Breaks up a day full of “adult” responsibilities. (who doesn’t need to forget their problems/responsibilities momentarily)
  3. You meditate and clear your mind while coloring. If you are like me, then your mind is always thinking about something. Outside of prayer, I just can’t sit and meditate like other people, so coloring is my meditation time.
  4. Increases our ability to mentally focus and make clearer decisions.
  5. Unlocks creativity and expression! (For analytical and and logical types it is good to unlock those areas that we don’t use often)

While there are so many benefits to coloring, I just wanted to give just a few that I thought may encourage you to try coloring. Some complain that the mandalas and pictures are too elaborate and complicated; I would agree. But don’t let that discourage you from trying something new. There are many different coloring pages and books available. Just search on Amazon or go to any local dept. store.  Or just google search and print off a free page. Even clothing stores now have coloring books! The possibilities are endless!

Comment and let me know if you have joined in on the coloring craze! And let me know what books you use. If you are not on board with coloring what is holding you back?

If you are in my area, Click Here to sign up for my coloring class.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. You have inspired me to go and get a colouring book right now!

  2. any1mark66 says:

    I would indulge you on this but since I have chose “coloring outside of the lines” as a blog title it would cause problems

    1. icanllc says:

      I love coloring oitside the lines!

      1. any1mark66 says:

        It’s a way of life for my prompt responses. I prefer the road yet discovered to the less traveled.

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