Why I Write

I write because I have to.

I write because it is a way of life.

While I may not always write as much as I would like to, it is self care for me. Since before I can remember, I have always had a journal that I wrote out prayers, my dreams, thoughts and hopes. I have stacks of my diaries and journals filled with my heart felt cries during the most painful times in my life.

I have documented my best memories. My darkest secrets. I believe writing was the beginning of my healing process. My journals were my blog posts before blogs existed. Now I am so thankful for this platform.

My blogging life has evolved over the years. As I have grown and changed in the areas of family, business and personal, so has my blog.

I am an encourager by nature. I see the potential for growth and change in everyone and I love to share from my experiences. I use my blog to do just that!

Writing has opened my mind up to be inspired by the most simplest of things. Many of us ignore all that is so beautiful around because we are so busy. So I write because I need to slow down and express myself; Slow down and reflect on my life and all God has done and is doing in my life.

Even if I never grow to have thousands of followers I will continue to write. I know the words will reach exactly who they need to reach, even if it is just me. One day if this blog was shut down, I would still be writing.

I would like to add that writing has caused me to have an obsession with journals! If I see a unique one I HAVE to but it!

I most definitely am working on carving out more time to post on here so I can share with others my homeschool journey, my life inspirations and motivations and even a little business stuff!

I pray my ability to write never fades because it is a part of me!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Akaluv says:

    It’s great to see someone else that loves writing. Even if your blog doesn’t get popular, you’ll always love writing, and your the readers you have will support you 🙂

    1. icanllc says:

      Thank you! Writing is so important!

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