Do you ever take a quick break to check Facebook or Instagram only to look up 30 mins later and realize that you were aimlessly scrolling. 30+ minutes of a day wasted on nothingness! Or do you grab your phone or electronic device to go to the bathroom? When at a restaurant, or even on the bus?

One thing that hubby and I have found ourselves doing lately is sitting next to one another, scrolling looking at funny videoes online instead of just talking. I mean, the videos are funny and produce a certain level of conversation, but not to the level it could if we put our phones down.  So, we implemented a rule and code words so when we notice this, we put our phones down and engage one another.

There are apps for everything now. And on one hand they can save us time and help in many ways like keeping a child quiet!!! But on the other, at some point we lose the ability to connect with our children, spouses, co-workers etc.  How many of us send texts instead of calling? Or email a co-worker instead of getting up to have a conversation? I know I have.

Well, recently, as a family we have been playing board games on a daily basis. It allows us to put all electronics down and just laugh, connect with each other, and disconnect from the distractions. We have some pretty meaningful conversations and memories.

All of this is great, but I still find myself filling “free” time with my phone. I can become consumed in whatever is on the screen and literally can’t engage with anything or anyone until I look up. I get so angry because this tiny device distracts me from a good book, a chat with a new person, my family, business and so many other things!

So today, I once again deleted my Facebook app and my intention is to use it for business and homeschool resources only. All the other time consuming noseiness has to go! I have better things to do. Relationships to build, friends to make!

Distractions keep us from walking in complete purpose. And I don’t know about you, but I am not going to let an app or phone keep me from living, and experiencing life in the present!

What are your distractions?





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