I had planned to write about something totally different. Something more homeschool related,  but some days you just have to go with the flow.

So, last night or should I say early this morning, I had one of the most impactful dreams I have ever had. Well, let me just say to start, I don’t really dream at all. So any dream I have has meaning. But this one, felt real. As some of you know April, will be a year since my brother was killed. There is not a day that does by that I don’t think of him in some way. Well, last night I had a peculiar dream about him that made me know he visited me to give me a simple message.

I know this may seem spooky to some, but I know he had  to give me these words. I won’t go into to many details about the dream. It was long and drawn out. Each piece represented something very true and real. Yet the ending I will NEVER forget.

My brother rose from his sleep. Came to me at the dining room table. He pulled up his sleeve and showed me a tattoo of a flower with a tiny red heart underneath. He told me “Ashley, this heart represents you. You will always be with me and I am always with you in your heart.” He then lifted up his arm and put in on my heart. Then he went back to sleep.

His simple words will stick with me for life. His memory never leaves. I carry him with me. His life, love and smile are a part of me. What he said to me also reminded me that even on my toughest days; The ones where I want to give up and stop homeschooling or go back to work, or quit the business; that God never will leave me. That my family is with me. I have all I need to gather the strength and courage to continue on this journey. The path or road may not be easy for any of us. I know we all experience loss and hurt. But we must remember that within us is breath, life, and strength from those gone and present that will help us press through!

My brothers visit left me with a peace which surpasses all understanding. I thank God for using this moment to speak to my heart in a way I didn’t even know I needed.

Be encouraged today! Be strong! Keep moving forward!

From my heart to yours!

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  1. onemom1 says:

    Absolutely beautiful! A gift from your Father!

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