Ready, Set…Jump!


In April of last year my brother was killed. One moment, one act took him from me. With him, went my drive, my energy and my desire to focus much on my business. I stopped dancing, I stopped everything. While I NEEDED that time to grieve and mourn, eventually this space became my comfort zone, my “safe” room.  I mean deep down I knew I was afraid to fail. Afraid to step out, or advertise a class and get no response. One struggle of mine has always been a deeply rooted fear of rejection. I dream, and God has given me huge visions, but they often get clouded by my over analyzing, my fears and need to control every detail. This has only left me stuck!

Well now it’s 2016 I have let myself be stuck long enough!! While I still am giving myself days to grieve, I have to live life. I must pursue my passions and dreams!  My brother would want that for me.

With that said, 2016 is full of opportunity and promise for myself, my family, and business. I will JUMP off the cliff of my fears. I will not remain stuck. I will no longer watch others soaring, wishing that was me. I jumped. I am blogging more. I am starting to teach classes monthly! This is scary, but exciting. I won’t go back.

How will you JUMP into 2016? What have you been allowing to hinder your dreams and goals? I challenge you this year to write your vision, then JUMP! No over analyzing or thinking. Just take that step and soar. Even if you fall a few times. Never stop. Never give up!

Check out my resource page for upcoming class information.

If you have a moment take a look at Steve Harvey’s video where he breaks down “Jumping”.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dani says:

    I’m right here right now sitting on the edge of the cliff waiting to jump. This blog just touched my soul. Thank u for being transparent. I have to JUMP asap before I die on the vine.

    1. icanllc says:

      So glad this touched you! I will cheer you on! There view is so much better when you jump! ☺️

  2. onemom1 says:

    I have to jump!! I love you Ash!

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